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this is heather from virginia beach. are you excited. >> i am. yeah. >> reporter: you said your first concert was 85. >> yeah. >> reporter: what keeps you coming back? >> the music. you know. i mean, there's music that's been part of my life since i was a kid. and the excitement at the show and you're on the front and they are right there and just the energy and it's so exciting you know. i look forward to it every time. >> reporter: you've favorite song or album? >> it's so hard to say.
in a few isolated plates across maryland, virginia, eastern shore. northern neck reporting low to mid-60s. upper 60s on the waters. over the last 12 hours we have had a mostly clear sky. we have a cluster of thundershowers in southern ontario producing a few high clouds drifting over us later today. just a little bit of high cloudiness. the big story of the this afternoon, the heat. poor air quality, code orange. anybody with a heart or respiratory ill ailment should stay inside. we'll have our pleasant temperatures for another several hours but getting uncomfortably hot by noon time. peakinging around the low 90s for a time by midafternoon. sunrise 5:43. sunset, 8:41. hotter tomorrow with more humidity building. we'll look at that as well as the next week. >>> tom, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. lots of overnight road work. good morning. the drive along interstate 66 westbound between boston and falls church. you can see the traffic lanes right there. one, two, three, four. volume light. no delays. we'll watch it carefully. inbound, roosevelt bridge, good to go. top side of
. >> you put your finger on it. that's what this movie is about. ap latchian and particularly west virginia is the template when corporations take over democracy. it's a company town. what they are doing is illegal. in fact, they have -- if you filled 25 feet of a hudson river, you would be in jail. if you blew up a mountain in the cat dele skills, you would go to jail or a place for the criminally insane. they have blown up the 500 biggest mountains in west virginia in the last 10 years and it's all legal. they have buried 2,500 miles of rivers and streams. that's illegal. you can't do it. in fact, i debated on west virginia tv a year ago, don enship who is the head of the biggest mountaintop removal company, i said by your records you had violations against the clean water act. over the past five years, you had tens of thousands of violations of labor laws, mining safety laws, is it possible for you to make a profit without violating a law? and he said no. he said they are silly laws. he acknowledged his company is a criminal enterprise and business plan is to break the law and in order t
in the 50s in many of the rural areas of maryland and virginia, closer to washington, near 60 in fairf fairfax, arlington, montgomery, prince george's counties right now near the mid-60s. it's upper 60s in washington. mid-60s right near the bay. it's dipped into the 50s parts of the eastern shore. it's down in the 40s this morning in a few locations in west virginia and western maryland. quite a cool start there. we do have a mostly clear sky. we've got that nearly full moon now in the western sky setting. we'll have that full moon up tomorrow night. and right now off to a clear start, no precipitation problems for this morning. no travel problems weather-wise. there's the washington monument under a clear sky, and our sunrise will be at 5:42, the earliest sunrises of the year. by 5:00, we'll be around 70. there's a small chance of an isolated sprinkle maybe later this afternoon. now let's check traffic on this tuesday morning. danella sealock joins us. good morning, how is it looking? >> good morning. >>> let's start out in prince george's county. we have all lanes blocked on westboun
not picking up rain near watching. you see the patches of blue, a few sprinkles, panhandle of west virginia and into washington county and maryland. that's drifting up into pennsylvania. and temperatures are mild and muggy on this thursday morning. right now, in the upper 70s, to near 80 right near washington and by the bay. elsewhere, we're in the mid 70s. from the eastern shore all the way to the blue ridge. there's our eastern horizon. the sun's been up since 5:44. that was sunrise. it's being blocked by those clouds on the eastern horizon. by 9:00 around 80, a little sunshine in and out during the afternoon. and we will hit the upper 80s by mid afternoon. late afternoon into early evening, a few isolated storms popping up and just a slight risk that a storm would be severe with perhaps some damaging winds or hail. and that may linger into this evening. we'll take a look at your night planner. that will be coming up in about ten minutes, at about 6:11. now let's check the thursday morning commute. danella sealock, how's it looking now? >> well, i have a report of a disabled vehicle on 66
. plus the virginia baseball team is on cruise control in the ncaa. but first, let's head out west. it was time for the nationals to make a change. a lineup change, that is. today jason worth was penciled in the leadoff spot. hit 9th and pitcher john lanen 8th. had a collected 267 on base percentage. worst in the majors by 12 points. >>> so did the shakeup help tonight against the padres? the nats wearing throwbacks. ryan ludwig, but no cigar. the first run of the game. gets a double. two batters later, wilson at the plate and he rockets one up the middle. the base hit would score, the nats up 2-0. they go on to win 2-1 for the second straight day. bruce earns his 14th save. >> orioles hosting the rays. bottom 6. o's down one. and for the second time in this game, he knocks one out of the yard. this one going some 420 feet into center field. and the o's take a 4-3 lead. now tied at 4. bottom 7. jj gives it a good ride. a towering shot to left. is it gone? not if justin has anything to do with it. the leap, the nag, and the home run rob. this game would go into extra innings. top o
in virginia, on 95. we will keep an eye on route 50. >> 395 has construction as well. >>> a developing story from new mexico. firefighters are trying to keep a fast-moving fire away from the nuclear weapons laboratory. a small fire broke out at the los alamos national laboratory, but it was contained quickly. no radiation was released. it has burned 44,000 acres and forced thousands of people to flee their homes. >>> crews are trying to keep floodwaters away from a nuclear power plant in nebraska. the nuclear regulatory commission says the water has not released into the reactor core at the nuclear generating station. the plant is surrounded by water a after a flood barrier collapsed on sunday. officials insisted the facility is safe. >>> there's a controversy blowing -- brewing involving female police opposite is in the district. >> chief cathy lanier has implemented a groundbreaking program regarding breast feeding, but not everybody agrees. courtney robinson joins us with details. >> good morning. these officers tell us they feel they have been dealt a blow by the new policy of forcing th
of west virginia. a line of diminishing thunder showers. most of the thunder is gone, just some scattered showers from the panhandle of west virginia to the northern shenandoah valley. that stretches all the way down to near harrisonburg. it looks like it's breaking up as it's drifting east. to the east, we have temperatures under a mostly cloudy sky in the low 70s to mid-70s. right now reagan national's at 75. near 70 around the bay and the eastern shore and throughout much of the region. we have a lot of cloudiness. this is all out ahead of a cool front. between now and then, might have a shower between now and 9:00 or so. then after that, partly sunny and getting hot and humid this afternoon. up around 90 degrees by midafternoon. late afternoon and into the evening is when we could have scattered storms. there's only a very small chance that any of the storms this afternoon or this evening would be severe with damaging winds or hail. i'll have your night planner. that will be coming up in about ten minutes. now we welcome back danella sealock. how's the traffic? danella, welcome back.
and around the blue ridge. west virginia and western maryland, it's only in the mid-50s now as well as much of west virginia. right now in pittsburgh, only 51 degrees. that's the source region of our refreshing change coming in out of the north and west. only near 40 in parts of michigan and northern wisconsin now. that canadian high pressure is going to be over us for today, tomorrow, and again wednesday, bringing this wonderful break from the high heat and humidity. there's the jefferson memorial under a partly cloudy sky. our sunrise is in about 41 minutes, and by 9:00, we'll be in the low 70s with the bright sunshine. and during the afternoon reaching the upper 70s to near 80. it should be partly cloudy. and the big change, though, the lower humidity. you'll notice all throughout the day today. a bit of a breeze coming in out of the north and west at around 5 to 15 miles an hour. this is going to be just a wonderful pattern here. how much longer is it going to last? we'll look at that coming up on the night planner at 5:11. >>> good morning. we are still looking great. all the lanes are
of virginia and maryland in the 50s now. out in the mountains, only mid-40s in west virginia and in western maryland. over the last 12 hours, this continual flow out of the north and west giving us this cool change that has taken place with low humidity as well. lots of sunshine this morning. by 9:00, we'll be near 70. by noontime, mid-70s. clouds coming in from the north might produce an isolated sprinkle midafternoon as we reach near 80. a look at your night planner coming up at 6:11. joe? >>> breaking news right now. at least one person is dead and hostages have been taken at a provincial council building in baquba, iraq, about 30 miles north of baghdad. two car bombs went off outside the compound, and then gunmen stormed the council headquarters. ten people also wounded in this raid. a provincial official says the gunmen are still inside with hostag hostages. baquba is in a volatile area where al qaeda and other militia groups are known to be active. >>> live overnight in prince george's county, police investigating a motorcycle accident in capital heights. the driver lost control of th
kierein. >>> we're down cool again into the 50s in much of virginia and maryland. and in west virginia it's in the 40s in many locations, closer to washington. prince george's county, low 60s. mid-60s in washington and right by the bay. montgomery, arlington, fairfax counties, now have dipped town to the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. from anacostia to largo, bladensburg, montgomery village, springfield. we have low humidity in place. and a very cool start in the mountains. it's dipped into the mid and upper 40s there. over the last 12 hours, we've had this high pressure continuing to push in from canada. we've got a large area of low pressure off the new england coast that may swing a disturbance over today and perhaps give us an isolated sprinkle this afternoon. otherwise, a few clouds this afternoon with highs climbing to 80 degrees by midafternoon. i'll be back with the night planner at 5:11. eun? >> thanks so much. >>> we have a traffic alert at 5:02. a tree is blocking part of old georgetown road at democracy boulevard. megan mcgrath is there with the latest. >> reporter: i'm going t
, picking up a few sprinkles in northern virginia and maryland. and further to the south, south of fredericksburg, a little downpour there. they may have a rumble of thunder with that. should be ready to move to king george county. temperatures are 60 to near 70 through much of the region. right now 71 at reagan national. over the last 24 hours, a stalled front to our south. along that front, we'll have maybe a few sprinkles this morning and then later this afternoon a few storms around. right now generally a dry sky over washington. some of the pavement may be wet from some of the passing overnight and predawn light showers. might have a lingering light shower midmorning. otherwise, mostly cloudy morning. little sun may break out, and late afternoon, we could get scattered thunder showers. highs reaching the mid-80s before that. we'll take a look at the monday night planner coming up in ten minutes. let's check in this morning with our traffic. we have courtney ward with us this morning. courtney, how's it looking. >> things are looking pretty good overall for this monday morni
ago out of the mountains of west virginia. after they moved into the shenandoah valley over the last hour, they pretty much broke up and are now completely dissipated. i don't see any big threat for storms right now. temperatures in the upper 60s in loudoun county, up to frederick county, shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia and points east. near 70 montgomery and prince george's county. mid-70s in washington and right by the bay and at the atlantic beaches. away from the waters, we're near 70. there's the thick haze over the jefferson memorial. by 9:00, might have an isolated shower. the greater threat of any storms is going to be late afternoon and into the evening. before then, partly sunny, hot and humid, up around 90. to tonight, we could get more storms. we'll look at your night planner in about ten minutes. let's check traffic for tuesday morning. danella sealock has returned. how's it looking danella? >>> so far on route 50 eastbound between route 70 and 450, all your lanes were blocked. right now two left lanes getting by. police and hazmat on the scene there. and t
diaz arce, ex una virginia quien dejo a su bebe abandonada en un vehiculo el miercoles pasado, enfrenta serios cargos en su contra... socorro benito pacheco de 24 años presuntamente dejo al bebe de once meses adentro del vehiculo apagado y sin seguro, donde la temperatura alcanzo los 118 grados... dos personas que escucharon al bebe llorar notificaron a la policia y rescataron al bebe que no una empleado postal de washington, fue acusada de intento de robo de correspondencia que contenian cheques y dinero en efectivo destinado a dos organizaciones de caridad...lisa hunter, fue arrestado el jueves en la manana, despues de que un oficial de la policia que trabaja para el servicio postal la viera intentando salir la oficina de correos con un carrito lleno de correspondencia.. de acuerdo con documentos de la corte del disitrito el oficial la confronto y encontro que tenia mas de 900 piezas de en woodbridge, tres hombres armados irrumpieron en una vivienda y mantuvieron a una familia captiva.. ocurrio en la cuadra 14 mil seiscientos de sadas las nueve de la noche.. dos sujetos irrumpieron
shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia. these are advancing off to the northeast, along a warm front. and those will continue to track toward montgomery county and bethesda as we get into the next couple of hours. so the very first rounds may have a few sprinkles. but i don't think it's going to stop play. right now we're in the upper 50s in much of the region to near 60 degrees. right in washington, we're in the mid to upper 60s. mid 60s right around the bay. and on the eastern shore, temperatures there are in the 50s. now, these sprinkles associated with a weak warm front coming through and it will continue to slowly drift our way. right now a mostly cloudy sky over the capitol and the washington monument. and we'll have our sunrise at 5:42. so maybe just a few sprinkles this morning. a little sun through high clouds and we'll have temperatures near 70 by nine. by noon the upper 70s. and by midafternoon ought to be near 80 degrees. and then late afternoon, does look like a likelihood of scattered thunderstorms that would certainly interrupt the afternoon first round play. now, we'l
maryland, the panhandle of west virginia, northern virginia, and along that warm front we do have a few sprinkles. that's those patches of blue you see on radar. a few sprinkles in fauquier county, northern culpepper and in warn county. northern part of warren county and into far northwestern frederick county, virginia. panhandle of west virginia, and up into allegany county, now, getting a few sprinkles there. and also there were a few sprinkles on the northern neck. those are tending to break up right now. these are heading off to the north and east. and temperatures under the cloud cover are rather cool this morning. we're just in the upper 50s to near 60. much of the region, except right near the bay, in washington, where it's in the mid and upper 60s. on the eastern shore, away from the waters in the 50s. but right on the ocean in the upper 60s there. the view from space showing the cloud cover and the few sprinkles coming in along that warm front. it will be with us with a mostly cloudy start this morning, although a little sunshine in and out this morning. if you are going to the
there is still a problem and maryland is still considered less business- friendly than the state of virginia. >> it has higher taxes and is perceived to have a more rigorous regulatory environment. those are challenges to overcome. marynd has assets that virginia does not have. the blacksburg is not in th same league as maryland in that regard. virginia has attributes, but maryland has those as well. i want people to focus on those because they can make a didifference. >> i warned the lieutenant governor that peter morici would say virginia is more business- friendly. you represent maryland virginia, and d.c. >> weave lobbied the state house quite a bit to make sure that it does not get less business by raising more taxes the millionaire tax and the tech tax. they have steadily gotten better. i was with the governor when he took a very strong effort to go recruit companies here. they look for quality of life, access and strength, in biotech and life sciences, the access to waterwrways and the quality of life. i think virginia anand maryland d.c. -- all of us within the region we have a stre
, virginia, into morgan, jefferson county, and berkley county there in west virginia. and it's drifting off toward, looks like that's going to be moving in to washington county, allegany county in the next few minutes. one shower east of fredericksburg. temperatures in the 70s. right now in the mid and upper 70s near washington and right by the bay. and there's the live view of the jefferson memorial under this cloudy sky and sunrise is at 5:44 this morning. going to be a humid day. we'll have temperatures by 9:00 near 80 and still mostly cloudy this morning. we may get a little sun breaking off this afternoon as we climb into the upper 80s by midafternoon. and late afternoon we could get a passing thunderstorm. only a small chance, about a 30% chance of any isolated storms popping up late this afternoon and into the evening. and we'll have the night planner at 5:11. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> well, i'll tell you, if you're hitting the roadways right now, it's an excellent time. we're looking clear. let's take a live look. here's 270 in clarksburg. i can tell you 270 north and
across tidewater regions of virginia. we are really sitting in the sweet spot. high pressure settling on in from the upper midwest. this is the nice relatively cool comfortable air mass that we get for today. it will gradually work its way back up into new england, allow that heat and humidity down south to start sneaking back into the area. it comes back on monday and is here for full force on tuesday and wednesday of next week p but at least we'll squeak out the weekend sitting pretty. so for today, mostly sunny, low humidity. but it will be a chance if a quick pop-up shower far northern maryland and down into southern maryland, but most of us are dry today. temperatures mid to supper 80s. tomorrow total sunshine and total delight. highs tomorrow again mid to upper 80s and the slimmest little chance for a rain shower today disappears entirely for tomorrow p next little chance of an afternoon thunderstorms of a more organized variety. 30% chance on monday, 40% chance on tuesday. and then back into the dry weather once again, we could actually use a couple of days of nice soaking rain
. the o's lose 9-6 and drop 2-3 in the series. >>> ncaa superregionals, virginia playing at home against cal irvine, the cavs one win from the college world series. top three virginia leads 1 -0. john hicks to brian hernandez, his throw a little bit offline. hicks is safe. keith worman scores. virginia built a 3-0 lead and then the long rain delay, four hours 18 minutes for a monsoonlike score. bottom of the 8th, cal irvine down one. both runners score what prove to be the game winning double. cal irvine devotes virginia 6-4 forcing a third deciding game tomorrow. >>> it's time for a quick break. when we return, can the big three step up in the biggest game of their season? highlights from game 6 of the nba finals are next.  ♪ [ male announcer ] spare toothbrush, just in case: $4. ♪ home cooked meal: $28. ♪ first date finest: $33. ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard paypass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at >>> welcome back to the washington in a nissan dealers sports xtra. >> welcome back. the miami heat
long. >>> also today vdot is working to make your drive through northern virginia a little easier. trying to untangle a mess on the eastbound dulles toll road at the beltway, a mess it made itself. surae chinn is following the commuter alert, live in tysons corner where raindrops are falling on her now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we have rain falling. that will slow down traffic. vdot is hoping some of the changes they've done will help improve traffic and i've already seen drivers taking advantage of some changes this morning. for instance they've done several things, one of which is adding an easy pass lane to the far right side. folks before only had the opportunity on the far left lane to go through easy pass only and then had to change four to five lanes of traffic. so now they have the opportunity, but it could take some time for the message to get across and to get used to these new patterns. another thing vdot did was to add 1000 feet to the far left lane so folks did have enough time to change and get on the beltway. and the other thing they want to do is im
temperatures in a low 80's . and on the weekend mid 80's. >>> everything in virginia is decent. traffic on the way to the pentagon on this flag day is good. 214 inside the beltway at a pretty road in the district they are documenting a crash. if you are forced to follow a detour. look at shady grove road/270, an accident has been resolved. and the pace is good in springfield. now to news. >>> we begin this morning with a developing story from arlington. a driver is in police custody after police found a suspicious package inside a car. the virginia state trooper who stopped the vehicle on the ramp from 395 south to washington boulevard at 8:30 last night saw the package and the gun. the bomb squad was called. it did not contain explosives, but charges are still pending. >>> two men are in custody in a year-and-a-half-old murder case. >> in 2009 carl diener was stabbed to death as he walked to work in arlington city. police have arrested 20-year-old roger clark and another man from d.c. the murder was a random crime. >>> authorities are trying to find out how three security uniforms for
to the beltway, linda brink road work. no accidents in maryland or virginia. looks good now the beltway. they did it overnight construction on the beltway near university boulevard and new hampshire ave. here we are at university boulevard. looking good introduction. quiet at colesville road near connecticut avenue. and this is the toll booth to and from the bay bridge. looks pretty quiet. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:41 67 degrees. >> we have a new controversy over airport pat-downs. wait until you hear how the tsa screen and a 95-year-old cancer patient. denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is alóays open. >>> welcome back. 4;44. -- 4:44. president obama will discuss the nation's debt crisis with spanish leaders from both parties. they've not been able to reach a deal and that could have devastating consequences. >> the most contentious issue president obama will face as he prepares to meet with republican and democratic senate leaders is taxes. >> it will pass. putting aside the fact republi
ahead, we're taking a look at an accident in fauquier county, virginia. i'll have that coming up at 4:40. back to you. >>> the 2010 campaign which brought mayor vincent gray into office is now under the scrutiny of a federal grand jury according to "the washington examiner." >> the grand jury is investigating accusations made by former mayoral candidate sulaimon brown. he said that campaign workers paid him to stay in the race and verbally assault adrian fenty. brown said he was promised a high-paying job. in february, he was hired with an annual salary of about $110,000. three weeks later, he was fired. he testified before the d.c. council about the alleged corruption. he presented copies of money orders he claims were used to pay him. also allegedly signed by gray's workers. brown's accusations are being investigated by congress as well. >>> metro access workers have been caught sleeping behind the wheel 87 times during a three- year period according to an article in "the washington examiner." the article goes on to say all of the incidents happened between july 2008 and may 2011.
-size hail and king george, trees are falling on to the house in fairfax county, virginia and also several down trees and wires reporting for charles county and loudoun county as even. even a tornado warning for you was in effect earlier today. we'll talk more about the storms and a cooler and drier air coming in a little later, bruce? >> thank you. >>> this evening, severe storms are forcing delays to local airports. at last check, dulles international was having delays of 90 to 105 minutes. and reagan national had a rival delay of 76 to 90 minutes. if you're flying out sometime this evening, be sure to check first before leaving for the airport. >>> police divers recovered the body of a woman who drowned in the washington channel. she went missing in the water last night on water street in southwest. lindsey mastis tells us how this tragedy unfolded. >> reporter: he only meant to be in the water for a short time. she was in her 30s on a checker boat and only got into the water so she could go to the bathroom, but police say she had been drinking and unfortunately she went under. >> they
national. low 60s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax. near the bay, upper 60s. much of west virginia in the 50s. overnight we had a few passing showers over the eastern shore. those have now dissipated. weak high pressure moving over the region will give us plenty of sunshine. there's a live picture from the city camera showing a mostly clear sky over the washington monument. our sunrise at 5:43. sunny morning by 9:00. we should be in the mid-70s. and then by noon time ought to make it up to 80. a few clouds popping up. peaking in the mid-80s but still not very humid, which is good news. a beautiful late spring, early summer-like day here fort 6th day of june. a look at tonight, night planner, at 4:41. let's check traffic on this monday morning. good morning, jerry. how is it looking? >> tom, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. most overnight road work in the process of being cleared. haymarket to manassas doing okay. overnight road work should be picked up. all the travel lanes should be opened momentarily. westbound, construction too but the volume pretty light so no big d
're following new developments in a deadly crash involving a virginia state police trooper. late today, state police identified the trooper killed while responding to a call last night. police say it is 28-year-old adam bowen who was driving through an intersection in king george county around 7:00 p.m. when he collied with a hyundai. the force of the collision put his police car into a pole, splitting it in half. >>> a special tribute to the woman who was killed at an upscale yoga store in bethesda. lululemon shut down part of the score to honor jana murray's memory. >> what an amazing turnout. hundreds of people here. bethesda avenue shut down for at least an hour for a special yoga class in honor of jana murray. a poignant weekend for the store, now reopened. everyone who walks into the now reopened lululemon store. >> i was admiring the stained glass. >> couldn't miss this stained glass window, a tribute to slain employee jana murray. >> it's nice to see that the store and people are making an effort to remember her and also try to make this back the community that it was. >> murray, an a
in the continental army and respected by his colleagues in the virginia legislature and in the congress. and james monroe, like james madison, to whom he looked up to as a mentor and someone who is more experienced, seven years older, he looked to for guidance they were both concerned with getting an energetic national government in america. .. >> having a strong national government. where he fell apart, most importantly, he said without the bill of rights. the good news is we had a good idea of what the bill of rights looked like. for a couple of reasons. number one with the state constitutions and other constitutions, there was a good since throughout the continents that what the rights were that were fundamental. we were rich tradition dating back to the magna carta. what rights did you have to have against your government? to be safe. number two, the greatest as king george iii and king of england, once you had a mad tyrant, inflicting upon you everything, you had a good idea. we had an idea of what the fundamental liberties were. james monroe wanted them. he also feeled of power of the new go
and west virginia, we have dipped down into the mid and upper 50s in many of those locations. quite a cool start there this morning. on the eastern shore near 70 degrees. over the last 12 hours, the last of those storms have dissipated, being replaced by canadian high pressure. we love you, canada, giving us this wonderful gift, this break from high heat and humidity. there's the washington monument under a partly cloudy sky now. sunrise 5:42. that's our earliest sunrise of the year. by 9:00 we'll be in the low 70s with sunshine, few clouds around this afternoon. high only near 80 degrees. we'll take a look at your night planner for this monday evening. that will be coming up at 4:41. let's check traffic on this monday morning. >> good morning. >>> it is looking great. look at all this green. that means that all the lanes are open, and we are moving right along. i want to take you to virginia. we have an accident blocking all lanes on route 7 right at belmont ridge road. police are there to direct traffic, but i wanted to make you aware of this incident. look at this in virginia. route 1 a
and lightning racing across the panhandle of west virginia and washington and frederick and carroll counties in maryland. those are north of baltimore and heading into pennsylvania. our temperatures are near 70 in montgomery, prince george's, fairfax, and arlington counties. mid-70s in washington, right near the bay, northern neck, and eastern shore. farther to the west, we're in the upper 60s near 70. shenandoah valley, blue ridge, and out of the mountains. over the next 12 hours, we're beginning to see drier air pushing into the mountains of western maryland and virginia. that will be arriving later today. right now rather humid and mostly cloudy. by 9:00 some sunshine. perhaps late morning into early afternoon with clouds building. highs reaching upper 80s and lower humidity moving in. as it does, scattered thunderstorms later this afternoon, about a 30% chance of that and into early evening. and a look at that at 4:41. let's check the morning commute. danella sealock, good morning. >> good morning. it's looking great for a friday so far. i'm checking our roadways, and no accidents or inc
mountains in west virginia and they've filled 2,500 miles of rivers and streams. it's all illegal but they get away with it. they break their business plan -- the business plan of these companies like massey coal, which is a criminal enterprise, is to break the law and subvert democracy to get away with it. >> stephen: that's easy to say. hasn't the free market determine coal is america's future? we are the saudi arabia of coal, are we not? are we not, sir in we've got all the coal that we need for 250 years, and whatever it takes to maintain energy independence. even if it means bending the rules or filling in a few valleys. don't we need the look after america's future? >> if we had a true free market in thing joy sector, coal could not survive for a minute. it's the most catastrophically expensive way to boil a pot of water that's ever been devised. we can make energy a lot cheaper with wind, with solar, with geothermal, with all kinds of renewables. >> let me guess, hemp, something like that? >> stephen: really? wind mills? wind mills are cute, okay. i like holland. i like woo
. >>> a college student from northern virginia and the nephew of a u.s. congressman killed. what police say is the motive behind the deadly shooting. >>> also this morning, why congressman anthony weiner is now considering stepping down. the new pictures of him out reportedly taken on capitol hill. good morning and thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this monday, the 13th of june, 2011. let's take a live look outside. what a gorgeous picture out there this morning. 67 delightful degrees. >> finally a break from the heat and humidity. we're going to like this forecast. meteorologist tom kierein joins us with the latest. tom. >> what a change. >> great. >>> we had six days in a row got 90 degrees or higher last week. the heat wave did last quite a while, almost a week. now it's over thankfully. for several days we'll be getting a break from high heat and high humidity. right now a cool and comfortable 65 at reagan national. it has dipped down into the low 60s in prince george's county. montgomery county, many locations in
, continuing on into virginia, you've pretty much smooth sailing. lanes are wide open. same situation as we take it back to the maps and show you interstate 270, no yellow on the map. moving it outside, no slow goes here. quickly, a look at your travel times, 66, we're in the green from fairfax to the beltway. your inner loop is doing fine from 395 to 267. no problems on the dulles toll road should be able to access the inner loop. more on the annapolis accident at 509. >>> cribs will be safer for your baby as new federal rules take effect. >> it will have an impact on what you can buy or what you can sell or try to give away. lindsey mastis joins us live with the details on the new ruling. good morning, lindsey. >> good morning, mike. probably the biggest change is going to be the drop side cribs. basically, those are now banned. you won't be able to buy them at the store and also if you have one, you won't be able to even give it away. now, if you're in the market for a crib, how will you know which ones are safe? the consumer product safety commission says you'll want a buy a new crib wh
of the army in northern virginia there were, i will tell you, very few people who were quite optimistic about the prospects. there were a few in richmond, but there weren't many. now, lee had a great virginia family named. a west pointer, a model soldier in many ways, but he had commanded in western virginia in the fall of 61 and between lousy weather and even worse subordinates it was a failed campaign. that kind of hung over his reputation. actually, lee was temporarily exiled to the south carolina and georgia and coastal defenses until march of 1862 when jefferson davis needed a military advisor. so he chose lee, and he joined davis. what was critical for the next march, april, and make was that these two men developed mutual respect and trust for each other. davis, you know, has so many problems with joseph e. johnston. yes justin he would have some new problems. their relationship was very, very icy. getting more difficult. then of course johnston is wounded on may 301st. in davis roadway that evening on may 301st. the was with them. you can make the argument. he was going to command the
the river there down into ports of virginia east of 95 toward the northern neck, moderate to occasionally heavy rain down there. angie goff we have wet roads that will slow people down. >>> it sure is. not seeing too many problems early on. happy monday. yellow light on because we are following this water main break in the temple hills area. what we're seeing is maryland 414 at dallas drive, drivers are still losing the left lane. crews continue to work this. stay to the right to get by. other parts of the region checking out okay. specifically on the outer loop we're tracking it from 95 to 270. outside just the slick roadway we are dealing with. a live camera, we want to show you that spray is going to be a factor this morning. watch those speeds. live condition here at 29 colesville road. >>> in the maps, maryland 270 southbound, so far so good. not tracking any significant delays as drivers make their way from frederick down to 109 all wait down toward the lane divide. let's go to the travel times, drivers are doing fine on 66 from fairfax to the beltway only about ten minutes. on the
. today a virginia assistant principal arrested on child pornography charges will appear in court. the prosecution is expected to ask that joshua myers be held without bond until his trial. myers, who was assistant principal at brumfield elementary in fauquier county, is accused of downloading graphic videos of children as young as 2 years old. a search warrant affidavit also says myers told an undercover agent he went to california to have sexual contact with children 9 and 14. >>> golf fans may be seeing the rise of the sport's next superstar. 22-year-old rory mcilroy completely dominated this week at congressional country club, and this morning he can call himself u.s. open champ. mcilroy led the tournament from day one, never really looked back. in fact, he blew away the field, winning by eight strokes and smashing the tournament record with a final score of 16 under par, all four rounds under 70. that's four strokes or better than the previous record his final score. helped to put his masters meltdown way behind him. at the age of 22, he is the youngest person ever to win the
be creeks and streams in east and west virginia that may be a bankful. closer to washington, that area of green is light rain. it is raining in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties and much of virginia. that one area in northern neck is coming down a little harder there, and weather watchers are reporting temperatures around the region generally near 70 degrees. 73 at reagan national. near 70 in prince george's county. arlington, low 70s. upper 60s around the shenandoah valley. and the chesapeake bay region, it's in the low 70s. a little bit of fog in the air and light rain falling in washington. we'll have it with us from time to time through the morning hours. by midmorning, we'll be in the mid-70s. sunrise at 5:43. we still may have lingering light rain around noontime. as the afternoon progresses, we'll get a little sun breaking out. when that happens, we should climb to around 80 degrees or so. looks like we'll stay mostly dry as we get into the evening hours. we'll take a look at your "night planner" for this monday evening coming up in about ten minutes at 4:
, virginia advances at the college world series. that's all coming up on "sports final" at 11:35. >>> today nato admitted to its second deadly mistake in just three days. an overnight air strike in tripoli went astray and killed civilians. libyan leaders say nine people were killed in the strike. they say the strike happened in an area where security forces have recently put down anti-gadhafi protests. nato says a weapons systems failure may have caused the accident. thursday nato accidentally bombed rebel forces when it mistook a line of rebel vehicles for those belonging to moammar gadhafi's troops. >>> defense secretary robert gates gave an exit interview of sorts today on the morning talk shows. gates will retire at the end of this month. after 40 years of working for presidents from both parties, gates says he has learned it takes bipartisan support to succeed in national security and foreign affairs. this morning he spent a lot of time talking about afghanistan's future. he confirmed that the united states is talking with the taliban to end the war there. >> there's been outreach on t
of west virginia, western maryland, have a few sprinkles, as well, just south of fredericksburg and spotsylvania. these are drifting from the southwest heading to the northeast. it's cloudy now, mid and upper 70s through most of the region. west of the blue ridge temperatures near 70. reagan national is a steamy 79 degrees. upper 70s around the bay. over the last 12 hours, this continuing flow coming in out of the south and southwest, with embedded showers. and this morning there's the cloudy sky over the washington monument. our sunrise 5:44. that's a minute later than yesterday. our days are going to slowly start getting shorter and shorter. by 9:00, still cloudy, near 80 degree and a humid day. a little sun may break out mid-day and during the afternoon, upper 80s by midafternoon. late afternoon into the early evening hours, a small chance, about a 30% chance of an isolated thundershower coming on through. we'll look at the night planner for this thursday evening at 4:41. danella sealock, how's traffic? >> so far it is great. i'm checking on roadways, and they look excellent,
on the eastern shore and continuing to move off to the east. the radar showing showers coming into virginia and southwest west virginia moving to the east and northeast. they may be moving here in another three hours or so. perhaps by 9:00 this morning might have a few more showers and thunder showers around. right now it's just steamy and cloudy. temperatures in the low to mid-70s. now 75 at reagan national. near 70 in the nearby suburbs of montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. southern maryland around the chesapeake bay, northern neck of virginia, eastern shore. out of the mountains, most locations near 70. we do have a few showers in the highlands of maryland, west virginia. shenandoah valley perhaps headed toward the metro area in another few hours. there is the washington monument under this cloudy sky, humid day on the way. sunrise at 5:43. maybe a shower midmorning and sun after that. during the late afternoon hours could get storms popping up. highs near 90s before that. maybe into this evening could get storms. a look at the night planner in ten minutes. dan
of fredericksburg on 95 there are areas of light rain. the northern neck of virginia getting some light rain. a few embedded downpours shown in red. that's where we have a few downpours here and there in virginia. otherwise, like sprinkles in southern prince george's county moving south of in bowie time. the rain dissipated overnight and pushed away. we will be fairly gray. there will be cloud cover. a light easterlies blow today enough to increase the low-level moisture in the air and helped keep the gray clouds around into the mid afternoon. i think we will burn through some of the cloud cover by the mid to late afternoon with peaks of sunshine. high temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. there's a cold front tomorrow. i expect a line of salads and the thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. pretty widespread action if as that line pusses through. i'm not expecting anything severe. garden variety showers and storms, then clearing and less humid for the middle part of the week. 70 in the district right now. otherwise, upper 60's, with the exception of annapolis. a few peaks of sunsh
now we're in the upper 50s in many locations in the rural areas of maryland, and virginia. closer to washington, low 60s in montgomery. arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, in washington near 70. right here the bay, low 70s. but away from the waters we are in the 60s this morning. out in the mountains, even cooler. in fact, it's just near 50 degrees in some of our higher locations of western maryland and into west virginia. so quite a cool start there. and over the last 12 hours, we can thank this nice, dry air mass, thanks to canada. they're celebrating canada day tomorrow. and they're bringing us a gift with this wonderful high pressure coming down our way. and there's the washington monument, under a starlit sky. we have the summer constellations up, the big dipper and venus is rising in the east, and we'll have our temperatures hold steady in the 60s here for the next few hours. then hit mid 70s by 9:00. a bright and sunny day with low humidity. highs reaching the upper 80s by midafternoon. sunrise, 5:46. the sunset at 8:37. the night planner will be in about ten minu
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